I am passionate about a child’s right to play and have fun. I strive to ensure that each child thoroughly enjoys being in my home and that play is both fun and educational. At my home, the children will play in my enclosed, well maintained garden during times of good weather and for indoor play, they will have the use of a modern extension at the rear of my home, with lots of natural light and views onto the garden. There are good parks nearby which we will visit depending on weather and the schedule for the day.     abcchildren                                                                                              clipart_pic-175x196

I aim to develop the children’s physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social capabilities through a wide range of activities, to promote the children’s self esteem through positive and sensitive interaction.

During the day the children will be involved in different activities having time for free play, learning play, outside play, reading and math’s, messy play and also quiet time for rest and relaxation. All the children will be guided by their age and stage of development in relation to learning play, not making the play or learning too hard so they lose concentration but stimulating enough to keep them interested.

After lunch will normally be a quiet time to allow the younger children to nap as necessary.  During this time children will be given the opportunity to choose a quiet game/activity.   Infants nap at varying times of the day and their routines will be accommodated. Please notify me of your children s normal nap times at home. If you do not wish your child to nap in the afternoon, please just let me know. I understand the time comes when afternoon naps effects evening sleeping. KIDS